How to Decide If Your Carpet Needs Replacing Or Repairing

You may be trying to decide if you should replace or repair your carpet. 70% of carpet replacement are done because the carpet is beyond rair says Carpet and Rug Institute. Carpet flooring is a big investment and the decision to replace or repair the carpet in your not is not an easy decision. Keep reading to find out the most common issues carpet owners see and learn how you can deal with them.

Large Stains

If you have spilled something like red wine on your carpet or your have a big pet stain, you probably want to get rid of it. In this case, you will typically not need to reset or replace the carpet. If you have a small stain simply jump on Pinterest of google and specific ingredients will help get the stain right out.

Cigarette Stains

Is a cigarette stain making your carpet appear flawed? Typically, you will be able to repair this kind of stain. Simply the burned-in patches. A professional carpenter will be able to cut the tiny bit of carpet to ensure it does not frew and take a bit of carpet that is unnoticeable and cover it up. The same can be done for larger burnt patches.


If you have had the same carpet for years, you may have started to notice some bulges and not-so-subtle appearance in various areas. Winkle and waves can be made flat again by a simple restretching of the carpet. This is far less time-consuming than replacing the carpet and will make your wallet a lot happier. It can be hard and won’t look as nice if you do it yourself, so we recommend calling the experts!

In conclusion, most carpet damage is able to be repaired. If your carpet is old and has seen many repairs over the years, it may b e time. However, we recommend trying to fix it if you can. It is even better for the environment! Give us a call today for a free estimate!