Carpet Stretching & Re-Stretching

Carpet Stretching & Re-Stretchingcarpet stretching & re-stretching

Carpet Stretching & Re-stretching is important to maintain the  appeal and condition of a home or office. Everyone wants to go home to a clean and well-conditioned house while their kids stay in the cleanest and safest conditions. The floor is one of the most extensive surfaces in your home or office. The main reason for carpet re-stretching is the formation of bumps on the carpeting making it look uneven and unattractive. Re-stretching the carpet helps level these bumps and reinstate your home’s floors to their appealing form.

Most homeowners are usually reluctant to call in strangers into their homes to conduct carpet re-stretching. However by understanding exactly how this is conducted, a homeowner can look forward to the stretching work and reinstatement of their home to perfect condition. The risk of injury posed by bumps in the carpet which can trip anyone is eliminated as well. Below we will take a look at the simple and restorative process of carpet stretching for the best results.

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There are several reasons that ripples develop in your carpet:

  •     Normal wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas
  •     Moving heavy furniture by dragging it
  •     Low-quality or mismatched underlayment (pad)
  •     Temperature and humidity changes, ongoing or at the time of installation
  •     Excessive heat and water from wet cleaning methods
  •     Installation errors

Once you’ve spotted wrinkles, you’ll want to have them corrected soon. Uncorrected buckling can cause uneven wear and permanent damage to the backing. Raised, wavy or loose areas also present a tripping hazard for children, the elderly, and guests in your home or workplace. Don’t take the risk. Call now for an appointment with our carpet specialist.

Preparing for Carpet Stretchingcarpet stretching & re-stretching

Once you decide on carpet stretching pick up the phone and give us a call. Giving our carpet stretching specialist all necessary information will ensure an accurate bid of cost.  Carpet stretching requires prior knowledge of the type of carpet in the home. Also the full extent of damage to be rectified.

First of all a specialists inspects the damage prior to work. Customers can do a few things in advance to speed the process up. If they remove furniture prior helps job go faster.  If you can’t move it, we will help.  Therefore we ask you remove all electronics from work. Vacuuming your carpet will help ensure a smooth stretching process in addition to it being dust free.

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 Carpet Stretching Toolscarpet stretching & re-stretching

Carpet stretching& re-stretching requires specialized tools for the job.  This process requires the use of a carpet stretcher to pull and stretch the carpet. In corners or other hard to reach places we use a smaller carpet stretcher. Next we’ll use a carpet cutter remove all excess material.Finally, you’ll attach carpet to the tack strip holding it in place. This is the end of the process, and now we will help you replace your furniture.

Carpet Repair of Arizona offers professional carpet stretching services. We offer high-quality services conducted by highly qualified technicians operating state of the art equipment.


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