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Why Replace It, When You Can Repair It? In life, we make it our goal to work hard and have a nice home we enjoy, but accidents happen and carpets get damaged. Regardless of size or shape, our experts have seen it all and have a soultion for your carpet repair needs. We offer affordable pricing for every budget type, Free Consultation's, and have absolutetly NO Hidden Fees. Additional charge will occur for Furniture Removal & Replacement. Give us a call today for more about our $75 special.

Carpet Repair

We have a solution for all of your flooring needs, whether they are residential or commercial. We provide a wide range of services: seam repairs, permanent stains, burn marks, water damage, and much more. Restore your floors today using our carpet repair service and permanently eliminate the damage. Before rushing off to purchase new carpet, give us a call and ask about or $75 special. *Renters, do not leave your deposit behind again, repair the carpet, and collect your money.*

Pet Damaged Repair

Our furry friends can be destructive at times and ruin your carpet. We have years of experience in repairing pet damaged carpet and are happy to give you a consultation. Get rid of that temporary fix and give us a call to schedule an appointment for a permanent one. *Carpet Repair of Arizona’s first priority is to keep money in your wallet.*

Carpet Stretching

Uncorrected bumps and wrinkles become a trip hazard for anyone walking on the carpet. They cause uneven wear that will eventually lead to permanent carpet damage. Our experts use their special tools to level and properly stretch the carpet. They trim off the excess carpet and tuck remaining carpet back into place. Don’t have another accident, contact us, to find a permanent solution. *Additional charges for Furniture Removal & Replacement *

Our Story

Our Story

Robert inherited his flooring skills from three generations of flooring contractors in his family. At the age of 13, he started working with his father and grandfather. He quickly learned their skills and “trade secrets”. Robert was focused and determined to master his family’s trade. After years of working as a contracted installer for other companies, he decided it was time for a change. His dream had always been to continue his family legacy, so in 2012 he opened Carpet Repair of Arizona. Opening his own business gave him the opportunity to run things the way he thought best. Robert is an honest and fair person; he runs his business with integrity. You will always get fair pricing and an honest, professional opinion when working with Carpet Repair of Arizona.

You won’t find a more affordable option in the Phoenix area to repair your carpet. We work the honest and trustworthy carpet repair company you can trust!

If you would like our help with your carpet repair, click here or give us a call @ (480) 878-8036, email us @ contact@carpetrepairaz.com.

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