Carpet Repair Services

Pet Damage

Dogs, cats and even hamsters end up being a part of the family, but let’s face it, they are still animals! These furry friends can be unruly by clawing and chewing up your carpet. They can create open seams, wrinkles, bald spots and other damage. Carpet Repair AZ pros have seen it all and we have the skills to fit it, no matter the problem.

Open & Worn Seams

Many of our customers have safety hazard seams in their carpet. It doesn’t matter of the seam is frayed or lifted, the Carpet Repair AZ pros can fix it. We have a huge toolbox of the best carpet repair tools and have honed many techniques to fix these common problems.

Carpet Re-Stretching

Wrinkles & Ripples

The two most common reasons for these unsightly ripples is poor installation and high heat. Leaving your home unattended with the internal temperature of your home rising above 85 degrees will sometimes cause ripples. Not only are they unsightly but they’re also a big trip hazard. Carpet Repair AZ can re-stretch that carpet back to its original beauty. Call us first when it’s time to flatten those ripples.

Permanent Carpet StainsPermanent Stains

Whether it be bleach, wine, grape juice, food dye or one of many other staining liquids are very common. It’s almost hard to find carpeting in a home without at least one! We can repair these too!

Carpet water damage repairWater Damage

Water in large amounts does not site well with carpet and it’s more common that you might realize. Flood damage, leaking water heaters, dripping ceilings to just name a a few are the most common water issues in homes. Water creates several major problems. Loosening tack strips, separating glue and worst of all the possibility of molds forming so don’t hesitate to contact Carpet Repair AZ to assist you with all or any of your water damaged carpet needs.

Carpet Burn Mark RepairBurn Marks

Cigarette burns, irons burns, fireplace ember burns and candles you forgot to blow out. We’ve seen them all and you might have one right now. No worries. Don’t replace that carpet, repair it. Replacing your carpet costs thousands of dollars and who can afford that these days? Carpet Repair AZ can make those burn marks disappear. Call us first!