Residential Carpet Repair Services

Does your carpet look older with wears and tears? Do you have permanent stains or harsh liquids that have been spilt on your carpet? Are there open, worn, or damaged seams on your carpet?  It is normal for carpets to accumulate all sorts of wears and tears especially in high trafficked areas.  Usually this is the cause why many people resort to buying new carpet immediately without looking for other alternatives. Instead of spending a steep amount of your hard earned money, try our carpet repair services!
Aside from restoring the appearance of your floor, carpet repairs prevent damage from worsening. Remember the greater the extent of damage, the higher the cost of repairs. Giving Carpet Repair of Arizona a call will; earn you a job completed correctly the first time, save your hard earned money, and no time waisted in process. Attempting carpet repairs on your own without professional help usually results in more damage and one hefty bill.


Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair Service

Carpet repair is basically removing the damaged area of carpet and replacing it with a piece of undamaged matching carpet from. If our customers don’t have extra matching carpet on hand we will pull carpet from an inconspicuous place, like the back of a closet, in your home. Next we take our closely matching carpet samples and replace them in that same area we pulled from. We will never cut into your undamaged carpet without proper cause. Repair is way more efficient not to mention cost-friendly than buying a new carpet.

Here at Carpet Repair of Arizona we have a solution for all your Carpet Repair Needs!

Benefits of Carpet Repair

Residential or Commercial, regardless the size of your carpet problem we have a solution. Repairing your carpet has many benefits, some obvious to others and some not so much. For instance, restoring home or office appearance to it’s natural beauty is obvious while the accidents being prevented by the repair are not so obvious. Having a well conditioned carpet is a beautiful, safe, and healthy thing for your home or office. Not to mention your pocketbook or expense report.

Carpets with stains or water damage may develop fungi and bacteria that can cause certain sickness including allergies and serious lung problems.

Wrinkles and lumps in your carpet can quickly go from being a problem you put a rug over to a unsafe trip hazard.

Timely action is necessary to keep your home free of health threats and looking beautiful.

Our specialties are:

  • Pet Damage
  • Open & Worn Seams
  • Wrinkles & Ripples
  • Permanent Stains
  • Water Damage
  • Burn Marks
  • and much more…

Our highly trained professionals, molded by years of experience, will assist with all your carpet repair needs.  Instead of charging you hundreds to replace the carpet we focus only on the part that needs repair.  Our installers remove as little as possible each time.  Our goal is for a satisfied customer and a carpet their proud to show off again. Say goodbye to the rug!

Carpet Repair of Arizona always provides quality work and the most affordable carpet repair services.

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